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    Performance Brakes - Brake Pads, Brake Rotors and Brake Kits
    Products Spotlight. In the products spotlight section you will find some of the most commonly searched for brake parts. Click on any of the following categories to find more information.

    Home - Brake the road safety charity
    Brake the road safety charity. Stopping the carnage. Caring for the victims.

    Disc brake - Wikipedia
    A disc brake is a type of brake that uses calipers to squeeze pairs of pads against a disc or "rotor" to create friction. This action slows the rotation of a shaft, such as a vehicle axle, either to reduce its rotational speed or to hold it stationary.

    Brake Bros - Catering & Food Suppliers to the Catering
    Brakes are the leading food wholesalers in the UK and are the catering and food suppliers of choice for thousands of businesses in the catering industry.