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Engineering & Consulting Team

Promoting foreign companies to in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus!

Investigate - interact - promote!

With the Team you will learn more about a new business environment, the ways of interacting with it, and promote your business to a new level!

The Team opens up and implements your new opportunities!

Our Team

The and Team gives you the opportunity to investigate the of Ukraine and and promote your from abroad.

This service comes highly recommended!

The Team includes highly qualified experts who have extensive professional experience in different fields.

Our permanent team consists of a project manager, managers, product-managers, engineers, lawyers, programmers and designers.

Our main is to engage in the promotion of your ideas by means of active communication and interaction with external partners, such as public authorities, potential clients, consulting and engineering companies, PR, advertising and employment agencies, R&D institutions and IT-companies.

For solving tasks, the Team will involve already working in your arena. Apart from market research, our qualified perform a variety of investigations and research on behalf of your company.

With this activity, time to market is drastically reduced and the of you will be most effective.

Alitona Team is a generator and promoter of your best ideas!


A successful within the of and depends on the opportunity to work out a flexible formula doing with external This implies that there is an understanding of the culture of those countries, as well as understanding any peculiarities of the technical and market environment.

Regarding your core the Team carries out full Analytical reports will be based on non-public information, and thus you will acquire clear advantages over the competition.

No-one understands your or market better than you do, and you will receive comprehensive feedback from the we offer.

This may include:

- full with detailed analytical reports;
- market tests by means of participating in presentations, forums, and exhibitions;
- negotiating with potential and competitors;
- trial deliveries or procurement of goods;
- the provision of goods for temporary use, etc.

The undertaken follows current practice closely and allows the development of effective mechanisms for new markets.

Engineering focuses on defining parameters and methods of integrating techniques and technologies into the existing engineering networks.

High quality ing and the cultural guarantees you to take a worthy place in the new market!


Active ing and ensures your has the for strong relationships with new from and Belarus.

Our team:
- adapts your production methods to local standards and certifies it;
- forms a constant network of clients;
- establishes themselves as representative of your company;
- organizes an service-center;
- opens a new line of activity.

You will have a competent and professional relationship with your new not only for product but also during any procurement process.

As our understand the differences in the s of and our team can assist in both choosing a preferred supplier as well as defining more favourable conditions for the quality of production purchased, prices and service.

Thus, the Team offers:
- to the of suppliers of you need;
- to verify them and choose the best;
- to arrange and carry out negotiations with strategic partners;
- to conclude with profitable contracts.

To ensure that your always receives high with the right volumes and in a timely fashion, you can trust our team to control deliveries.

Interaction is the technique and the basis for your best and expectations to be a reality!


The size and speed of development in and will open new prospects and extensive opportunities for you.

The majority of that enter into this new not only appreciate the scope, the flexibility and advantageous pricing policy, but also the chance of higher returns of investments.

The creation of local representative offices, service centers and even manufacturing enterprises proves how much interest there is in the growth of promoting foreign The active use of resources reduces expenses and strengthens any competitive advantage not only in and but also in EU countries.

So that your maximizes the of new s, the Team will work out a policy adjusted to any differences – everything for a successful of your brand.

Your shall have complete, correct and good of your procedures and processes. So the building of an appropriate and efficient communication system with new and competitors plays an important role.

The of high-tech equipment requires a range of s; from product inception right through to installation, training and maintenance.

It is important to understand the unique method of approach and technologies d, as well the standards in force in and It worth noting that once an project has been defined in detail and successfully introduced, it will serve as a guideline for other when solving similar tasks.

Any new approaches and introduced via the Team will be included into existing networks. Other interested and competent will also be involved: such as and project institutions.

Your success depends on the and intensity of your brand promotion!


We all know how information technology is in the 21st century.

IT gives one more incentive for any s in and Belarus.

To maximize your needs:
- an adapted web-site of the company;
- Internet-presentations and publications;
- Registration and of on the Internet;
- Software for the management of equipment, finance, personnel, or on the whole;
- Creation of compatible software.

Example of IT- s include web-sites and Internet-publications and their support on the Internet, as well as the intellectual know-how of the PortfolioRunner Group for investment promotion.

Make an use of IT in the practice of your on the new markets!

Engineering & Team

97 Starovilenskaya St.
Minsk 220123

375 29 606 03 30

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